The Mathspeak project is a partnership between European educational practitioners and the creators of educational materials. Funded by the European Commission, this project aims to provide non-native language speaking students with the means by which they can do maths better.

The objective of the Mathspeak project is to produce a language learning resource for secondary school students. The learning materials will enable students to perform mathematics in a foreign language at the same level they do in their native language.

The Mathspeak products will enable students to:

  • verbally express mathematical concepts appropriate to their age groups,
  • put number problems into words, and
  • handle mathematical terminology with confidence.

When the project has been completed, schools around the European Union will be able to download and use the free educational materials that have been developed.

Our target groups are students at intermediate and pre-intermediate levels of competence in a foreign language. They are in Years 8-12 at high school, or in further education.

They are either:

  • Immigrants
  • International students in foreign language speaking institutions
  • Students in a country or institution where the language of maths instruction is not the mother tongue, or
  • Students in their home countries learning a foreign language.